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No matter whether you are preparing a text in your native or foreign language, you need to be confident that it is error-free and the style is appropriate for your intended readership. We have seasoned editors to go over your text and put on the right finishing touches, based on your:
  • corporate image;
  • in-house style;
  • target readership;
  • intended purposes;
  • location of circulation.
editing We can also check your source text and translated text against any:
  • typo;
  • grammatical fallacy;
  • omission / ambiguity;
  • error in figure, number, proper name, abbreviation, spacing and punctuation.
Our professionals are experienced in editing financial reports, marketing materials, field-specific publications, business reports, advertisements, speeches, websites and technical documentation.
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Please call Elly at (852) 2531 3168, or send us an email at [email protected] for details.
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