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Yao Shun translation services

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q01 :
How can I tell if you're trustworthy?
Q02 :
What is your background in language?
Q03 :
How many linguists / translators do you have?
Q04 :
What kind of language services do you provide?
Q05 :
What kind of documents do you specialize in?
Q06 :
What is your daily output?
Q07 :
Will my assignments be contracted out?
Q08 :
Is confidentiality guaranteed for my documents?
Q09 :
How much do you charge for your services?
Q10 :
Do you offer express services?
Q11 :
Do you use translation software?
Q12 :
What is the difference between translation software and translation memory?
Q13 :
Can you produce different versions of translations targeting mainland China, Hong Kong and even Taiwan?
Q14 :
Do you certify translations?
Q15 :
Who needs certified translations?
Q16 :
Does a charge apply to a certified translation?
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More Questions?
If you have any further questions about our background, qualifications or services, please don't hesitate to call us at (852) 2531 3168 or email us at marketing@yaoshun.com.hk.